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WOMEN'S FOOTWEAR Step out in style with women's shoes from VetementsBoutique. No matter which style of footwear you prefer, we have them all! Explore ballet flats, pumps, wedges, sneakers, sandals and more, all at VetementsBoutique. Find the right pair of shoes that suit your lifestyle and types of exercises you do. You can find just the right pair in a range of colors, fits and prices for an evening out or a comfy night at home. Revamp your casual shoe collection with high tops, including Chucks, as well as sandals for warm weather and ankle boots for cooler temperatures. Be ready for that interview or big meeting with the perfect pair of comfortable and stylish yet professional high heels. And don't forget that wedding coming up: find the perfect pair of stilettos (or bling-y wedges if it's outside on the grass). Cover all the gaps in your shoe collection with VetementsBoutique selection of quality shoes in various colors, patterns and styles.
Women's Sandals Sandals are a perfect choice for the warm weather of spring and summer. They come in a wide range of styles, materials and colors at VetementsBoutique, so choose wisely! You can find very simple sandals or pairs with various straps and decorations. Likewise, you can find a heeled sandal if you want a bit of a lift or cork wedge sandals for a beachy boho vibe. Overall, sandals can dress up or dress down whatever outfit you're planning. They're versatile enough for so many outfits! For materials, you can choose from leather, foam, rubber, synthetic leather or any combination of these. Leather is ultra-durable and will last a long time with proper care, but they do take longer to wear in comfortably. Foam is very comfortable but doesn't last as long, and rubber can be hard to dress up if you need business casual wear. Synthetic leather might be the best of both worlds. It's fairly durable and breaks in pretty easily.
Women's Heels Heels and pumps are an easy way to dress up any outfit. Browse through our selection of heels for different styles, colors and heights to match your outfit. If you're not a fan of high heels or have ankle issues, you can choose a pair with a small chunky heel or kitten heel. If you want to go for an impressive feat, opt for a pair of stiletto heels. However, you can still get a high heel without a stiletto with block heels. If you'll be at an outside event where there is uneven footing, stay away from stilettos that might get stuck in the ground or trapped in crevices. Block heels would be the best options for those situations. Similarly, if you will be moving around a lot, shorter heels are a better option. No matter what kind of heel you're looking for, you'll find some amazing options at VetementsBoutique.
Women's Slippers It's important to have comfortable, stylish women's slippers even though you won't be wearing them outside. We have a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. Even if you usually go barefoot at home, you'll thank your new house slippers the first time you don't stub your toe when knocking into the table legs. Slippers can keep your toes toasty when it's cold out and keep any rogue crumbs far away. Whatever kind of slipper you're looking for, VetementsBoutique has you covered.
Walking Shoes vs. Running Shoes What's the difference between running shoes and walking shoes? The answer has to do mostly with the amount of flexibility and support within the shoe itself. While they might seem very similar, their construction is a bit different for each type of exercise and you shouldn't wear them interchangeably. Runners need more cushioning in the heel and forefoot to protect them from repeated impacts with the ground. A good running shoe also needs more flexibility in the arch. If you're serious about exercise walking, on the other hand, you won't need as much cushioning in the heel but you will need flexibility at the forefoot with some arch support. Running shoes also often have more mesh to allow for better breathability.